Why Mozambique’s accusations against Andre Mayer Hanekom don’t ring true

According to eNCA Francis Hanekom, the wife of Andre Mayer Hanekom, has responded to the accusations that her husband was one of the leaders of a Jihadist group by saying they’re “nonsense”.

Andre is a South African citizen.

The Mozambican government has been suffering from Islamist violence in its northern Cabo province.

The government claims that Andre played a leading role in these attacks, providing logistical support, salaries and medicine to the Jihadis.

Francis has responded to these allegations by saying they’re nonsense, and motivated by influential people who want Andre’s beach-front property.

According to The Citizen earlier this year, International Relations and Cooperation Minister Lindiwe Sisulu responded to the arrest by saying, “The people of South Africa and Mozambique share a very deep political history and very strong economic relations.

“It is not acceptable that a South African citizen is in court for alleged involved in extreme jihadists activities that resulted in loss of life.

“South African citizens should spread love and peace across the SADC area, continent and the world.”

My Take

Jihadism refers to Islamic militants who seek to bring about an Islamic theocracy through violent means.

The group in question is al Shabaab, or as it was originally called Ahlu Sunnah Wa-Jama – the “followers of the prophet”.

So I’ve been looking through Francis Hanekom’s Facebook page which is set to public, and this is somebody I deeply disagree with on a lot of issues.

She’s still fighting the Boer War and talking a lot of guff about farm murders. Where religion comes into it, it is conservative Christianity to the point of quoting a creationist on where God came from.

She even posts a video from Lauren Southern, a woman famous for her support of a bunch of pirates who try to prevent rescue boats from saving people from sinking ships because the victims are “illegal immigrants”.

So let me talk about myself for a second. My mother is from the North of England, my father was a proud member of the National Sea Rescue Institute, and I’m an atheist.

So I’m not exactly a fan of the tiresome BS about the Boer War from a bunch who think we should just move on from Apartheid, nor am I a fan of people who get in the way of rescue operations intended to save people from drowning, nor am I in favour of creationism.

But here is the thing, just because I disagree with somebody, or the people somebody quotes, that doesn’t mean I will believe every bad thing said about them.

It just does not look like the Facebook page of someone married to a Jihadi, it looks like deeply conservative Christianity.

Part of the job of any government is to defend its citizens, has Sisulu done that? Sure these are not ANC supporters, but the government isn’t there to defend people who support the ANC, it is there for the citizens of our country – has Sisulu defended this citizen?

I’m of the firm belief that if I do not stand for the rights of those I disagree with, then I do not stand for anybody’s rights – even my own. Has the ANC stood up for South Africans’ rights in this case?


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