Deadly train crash in Pretoria injures hundreds

According to EWN a train crash in Mountainview, northwest of Pretoria has resulted in multiple fatalities and hundreds of injuries

My Take

It is a little early to say what caused this crash, though Metrorail had to halt services multiple times last year due to cable theft.

Last year also saw a train crash at the Eloff extension in Selby, south of Johannesburg, which left 112 people injured.

According to News24 a preliminary report found that the cause was human error – the train control officer told the train going Naledi it could proceed to Crown station, and then a few minutes later told another train it could use the same line.

Right now I can only hope that rescue personel save as many lives as possible, but once they’ve done that, there needs to be some investigation into the cause of this in order to prevent this happening again.


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