Welcome to the gravy train wreck – Ramaphosa won’t sideline Zuma

According to EWN President Cyril Ramaphosa stated in the ANC’s birthday message that former president Jacob Zuma would not be sidelined.

Ramaphosa claimed that there was no truth to the idea that he and the former president were at odds.

“Working with our former president uNxamalala, showing a real face of unity that those of us are committed to.”

Ramaphosa then went on to say that he would be using Zuma for various tasks within the ANC.

Mmusi Maimane responded to the ANC’s “Unity party” on Twitter with the following:

According to EWN last year former Prasa boss Lucky Montana told Parliament that Luthuli House has in the past influenced appointments of the rail agency’s board, and tried to skim off the top of its rail contracts.

Yesterday two trains collided at Mountain View railway station, injuring hundreds and killing at least three.

Meanwhile the Citizen reports that analysts are less than impressed with the bite that has gone with Ramaphosa’s anti-graft bark.

Political economist Zamikhaya Maseti  pointed out that If Ramaphosa had the authority to actually deal with corruption in the party, the branches’ election lists wouldn’t include so many ‘controversial’ members.

Ralph Mathekga, a political analyst, pointed to Zuma’s return to the ANC spotlight, and the fact that people like Malusi Gigaba were appearing on the ANC branches’ candidate lists make Ramaphosa look weak on this issue.

My Take

Unity is not the most important thing. The most important thing is getting the job done.

We elect governments not because they are unified, but because there is a job that needs to be done, and if unity gets in the way of doing that job, then at the end of the day it has to go.

What we’re seeing with the ANC’s policy of unity uber alles, it the job of cleaning up the corruption that has impoverished our nation being systematically undermined by “unity.”

The ruling party right now looks desperate and pathetic, it so afraid of losing KwaZulu Natal that it could well lose the country.

We have over 27% unemployment, growth is pathetic, our credit rating is junk, our institutions, including our tax office, have been compromised.

And all of this was under Jacob Zuma. It would be one thing to tie yourself to a corrupt but successful politician, but Zuma wasn’t a success.

Ramaphosa’s greatest weakness is that he is very much like Neville Chamberlain, he thinks he is smoothing things over by playing appeaser,  but all he has achieved is undermining any sense of respect anybody could hold towards him.

People have stated worries about rising fascism in South Africa, part of the problem is the fact that the ANC right now is too far in the opposite direction.

When Tiger Brands killed over a hundred people through listeria, we all wondered why there weren’t stricter food safety standards on cold meats. If this had happened in the UK, people would have gone to jail.

Well it turned out that the government had planned to start regulating the industry, and had consulted with them. The industry turned around and said “No” – and that was that.

And after having killed so many people in the worst listeria outbreak in history, where are the new regulations to prevent it happening again?

The ANC’s core problem is that there comes a point at which consensus and unity have to be tossed aside in order to take meaningful action and do what is right.

The ANC is too afraid of conflict to work as a government. That is how figures like Zuma can rise in that party, even after all the damage they have done, rather than unity being a strength it becomes a weakness.

The ANC’s neurotic ineffectual nature leaves a vacuum that can effectively be filled by opposing elements like the EFF, who perfectly happy to alienate people if it means achieving their goals.

  • Picture courtesy of the ANC.

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