Ramaphosa asks public to give ANC another chance

According to eNCA President Cyril Ramaphosa has said that the public must give his party another chance.

Ramaphosa was speaking before the launch of the ANC’s manifesto, which expects to see thousands of ANC supporters descending upon the Moses Mabhida stadium.

Ramaphosa said that the ANC will be reflecting upon its past 25 years of achievement, and of democracy in our country as well as celebrating the attainment of freedom after ‘centuries of oppression’.

My Take

Jacob Zuma was the ANC’s second chance. Thabo Mbeki’s handling of the AIDS was a major disaster, which was reflected in our life expectancy figures.

The way he undermined the sciences is particularly woeful, his administration should serve as a warning for ‘decolonialist’ thought represents for our country.

So Zuma was actually the second chance.

Many of us argued against Zuma, seen as he already had a reputation for corruption and wasn’t exactly noted for his academic achievements.

So now we’ve got a crashed economy, a weak credit rating, a sabotaged tax office, our power utility struggling with corruption, and high unemployment capping net demand.

Unemployment in the double figures is normally a national disaster, we unemployment of over 27% – that’s over a quarter of working adults.

In October the South African reported that youth unemployment in South Africa is the worst in the world.

This is important because of the nature of work. The longer you cannot find work, the lower your earnings are going to be for the rest of your life – because the longer you go without experience the less desirable you are to employers.

An acceptable unemployment rate should be under 10%, we haven’t been under that figure for the entirety of the ANC’s reign.

This is the ANC’s achievement over the past 25 years.

Now whatever you think the solution may be to this problem, we haven’t gotten it under the current ruling party. What we got was a plague that lopped years off of our life expectancy, and a president whose buddies were selling cabinet positions.

Ramaphosa is coming before us asking for a third chance, straight after telling us he won’t sideline the guy who messed up the second one.

In all probability our country will give it to him, more due to the weakness of our opposition than due to genuine belief that the ANC can fix this, but time is running out and the longer the ANC remains in power the greater the risk that we end up with a dictatorship coming in to sweep them out of it.

As the ANC adopts EFF policies in the hopes of staving this off they will continue to look weak and desperate rather than like a proper ruling party, which will embolden the more extreme elements of our society.

What we need is a government that can deliver some victories, to get us to lift our heads in the recognition that we as a population not only deserve, but can actually do better.

The whole racism issue in South Africa, whether we’re talking about black racists or white racists, is because we’re all feeling like losers. We snipe at each other because we recognise that we are failing, and we want to shift the burden of why we’re failing to each other.

In a strong economy where businesses have to scramble for staff, they aren’t in the same position to be fussy as we see right now, and thus a strong economy is one of the major factors to fighting racism because it gives people the chance to show what they can do.

With our high unemployment rate employers do not have to give that chance because they can pick conservatively.

To solve our problems requires some definite economic victories, we need to start winning. We’ve given the ANC multiple chances to deliver those victories, they have not done so.

We wouldn’t put up with this record when it comes to our sports teams, yet we’re putting up with it in our national government. There has to come a point at which the ANC runs out of chances.

  • Picture courtesy of GCIS via Flickr.

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