GladAfrica Tshwane contract irregular

The Auditor General has confirmed that GladAfrica’s contract with Tshwane was in fact irregular according to eNCA.

EWN reports that the Tshwane ANC wants city manager Moeketsi Mosola booted from office due to his involvement in the R12 billion contract.

GladAfrica has already been paid R317 million for that contract.

According to The Citizen Mosola would already have been suspended last year, if the ANC and EFF hadn’t joined forces to keep him in office.

This was after EWN reported that Sanco called for the Hawks to investigate alleged dealings between the EFF and GladAfrica in October.

GladAfrica is not the only issue regarding Mosola, as yesterday IOL revealed that SA Municipal Workers Union claimed that Mosola had suspended officials who questioned the legality of his use of metro police to secure his home.

Last year the DA laid criminal charges against Mosola, which he ‘laughed off’ according to a statement published on Politicsweb.

“For a party that claims to govern well – mounting a witch-hunt to get rid of the City Manager using preliminary reports and half-truths is a clear confirmation of ethical and moral bankruptcy by Solly Msimanga and his DA. Ethical and moral bankruptcy is the foundation of corruption and disregard for the citizens,” the statement read at the time.

My Take

In August last year, Julius Malema said that what happened to DA mayor Athol Trollip would happen to Msimanga.

“Msimanga allows white racists who are exposed for taking jobs without the necessary qualifications to retaliate and punishes the black city manager for exposing them. We hate corruption,” Malema said, according to News24.

Now it isn’t the DA saying that the ‘black city manager’ is dodgy – it is the Auditor General.

And we see that there are allegations that the EFF itself was in bed with GladAfrica.

This should have been a political liability for the DA, because this corruption happened under their watch and R12 billion isn’t a small figure.

It demonstrates that the DA can stuff up quite badly when in a position of power, and that if the DA ever wins it won’t automatically put a stop to this sort of thing.

This is part of why I think when a new party takes over in South Africa there will have to be a short-term tax hike, in order to bolster internal controls in our government offices across the board.

You can’t fund it by just saying “We’ll stop stealing” – you have to actually stop the stealing, and that is going to mean spending money setting up systems to do that.

But more than that, what we’ve got to take forward is a lesson for the ANC too – that just because it is the opposition doesn’t necessarily mean they’re wrong when they do something.

The DA’s bid to get rid of Mosola has now, to a large extent, been vindicated. This makes the ANC and the EFF look stupid for keeping the man in place last year – making it look like they’re the ones responsible when it was a DA mayor in charge in the first place.


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