ANC freaking out over memo to Cyril Ramaphosa

This weekend the Sunday Times revealed that the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland prepared a memo saying that unless there was some tangible action against the perpetrators of corruption and state capture in our country, Cyril Ramaphosa’s investment drive would fail.

These five countries are responsible for about 75% of the foreign investment in South Africa.

According to ENCA, Lindiwe Sisulu responded to the memo by rapping the the embassies involved over the knuckles for not going through proper diplomatic channels. The original report said it had been sent directly to Ramaphosa.

The US embassy said in a statement that this wasn’t the case. The memo was in fact an informal discussion document that was prepared in June 2018 for the run-up to one of the president’s investment conferences.

According to EWN Zizi Kodwa responded to the memo by saying, “We see this as nothing else but as part of an agenda for regime change.”

TimesLIVE reports that the ANC didn’t take it well either.

“The ANC has noted with deep concern the interference by the Western imperialist forces like the USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland into the affairs of South Africa. South Africa is a sovereign state and has always respected the laws of these imperialist countries,” the party said.

“The ANC condemns this dramatic holier-than-thou stance of these former colonisers and we would not like to relate to them on the history of master-slave relations.”

My Take

First off, the original report doesn’t look like it was accurate, which is a problem. That said, we’re trying to get investment from these countries, we’ve got an active drive to do that.

They responded to that drive by telling us what they needed, and that was for us to do something concrete about state capture.

In terms of economic power, if these countries stop trading with us, our country falls. If they decide to use their intelligence agencies to topple our government, our country falls. If they decide to use their armies our country falls.

We have no advantages in any arenas. We do not want a fight with them.

In fact we are going to them to ask for their help.

Lindiwe Sisulu has always been thoroughly useless, when she was minister of defence the army stormed the union buildings. Normally that is what is called a coup, a near coup should be the end of a politician’s career – but here she is telling off four major powers and a superpower for what amounts to a violation of etiquette.

She is so incompetent that she is actually a national security risk, but of course her surname is Sisulu.

Now as to the ANC as a whole, and their response. Demanding that the people you deal with deal honestly, and that they ensure that their systems operate honestly, is not colonialism.

If any of these five nations wanted to colonise us, they would. There is not a single thing we could do about it, the power disparity is that severe.

The demand for honest dealing is a basic minimum. We are asking them for their business, they don’t have to give it to us.

Leaving that aside though, this is an important admission by the ANC.

They view a request to deal with state capture as synonymous with calling for regime change. The ANC fundamentally agrees that in order to deal with corruption in this country, the ANC needs to go.

Take out all the insulting language, all the emotion from it, and that is what Zizi Kodwa and the ruling party just told us.

Now whatever anybody else in the world thinks, we as a country do not want to maintain the corrupt status quo, so what should we do about the ruling party?

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