Stage 4 load shedding

According to the Citizen, Eskom announced that South Africa would face stage four load shedding from 1pm until 10pm.

So, what has caused this?

A “shortage of capacity”, which is a bit like responding “We sold less” when asked why sales were down.

Eskom also added that they were running short on water and diesel and needed to replenish their emergency supply for next week, and their units have been tripping more than Timothy Leary on a world tour with his shoelaces untied.

So not only is this a bit severe today, but it is not looking good for the next two weeks.

My Take

This comes after recent reports on how Eskom’s two new power plants already needed R8 billion worth of repairs, due to their shoddy design.

Which shows exactly how much corruption is costing us – we’ve got unreliable power supplies basically because the ANC can’t manage an order book.

I mean they paid the Guptas a billion rand a year for coal that never arrived, ordered from a mine that they’d fined R2 billion for providing substandard stuff that was breaking their power plants.

Now it sounds like someone forgot to order the diesel, or they didn’t pay for the last lot they got.

Seriously, eish.


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