Water infrastructure needs big budget boost to avert 2030 disaster: expert

According to ENCA the City of Johannesburg has warned residents that they are still under level 1 water restrictions as the Vaal has dipped below 70%.

This is ahead of the winter dry season.

Environmental science expert, Kevin Winter told ENCA that one of the contributors to the problem is climate change.

The recent drought which nearly led to Cape Town’s taps running dry was rendered three times as likely due to climate change, according to UCT.

Their research also found that previously, such a drought would come every 50 years, now it is every 15.

This however is not the only issue.

Winter also highlighted the need for more infrastructure development, stating that the Department of Water and Sanitation is currently only working with half the budget it needs to mitigate a potential disaster in 2030.

In July of last year Stats SA revealed that Gauteng gets the highest level of inward migration in the country, followed by the Western Cape.

My Take

We cannot continue to ignore these warnings.

We saw the AIDS crisis coming, in fact Chris Hani warned of it in 1990, and we dithered over it until it became an epidemic.

We saw the power crisis coming – Eskom warned of it in 1998, and we dithered and so now we’ve got load shedding.

Nelson Mandela, in 1995 said, “The fact that a serious crime is committed in South Africa every 17 seconds cannot improve investor confidence, no matter what successes we register in other spheres. The fact that R18-billion of fraud is under investigation does not bode well for our economy. Economic growth, sound governance and crime prevention are interdependent priorities, requiring concerted and simultaneous action.”

We were warned, and we ended up with state capture.

Now we are being warned about a water crisis that is coming, and what will we do?


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