Andile Ramaphosa got R2 million in one year from Bosasa ‘advisory mandate’

According to News 24 Andile Ramaphosa has admitted to receiving R2 million from Bosasa.

Ramaphosa’s company, Blue Crane Capital, had signed an “advisory mandate” back in December of 2017, which resulted in him being paid a monthly retainer fee of R150,000, which was later increased to R230,000.

The contract was only terminated in December of 2018, months after the start of the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture.

This isn’t all the money that the younger Ramaphosa got.

ENCA reports that Peet Venter, one of Bosasa’s former auditors, said that the CEO, Gavin Watson, told him to deposit R500,000 into the Andile Ramaphosa’s foundation trust.

This money was apparently directly out of Watson’s bank account.

Bosasa has also donated money to the ANC, both in the form of a R6 million war room in Krugersdorp which the IEC is currently investigating according to EWN, and a secret R500,000 to Cyril Ramaphosa’s bid for the presidency according to News 24.

Earlier this year, the company’s former chief operating officer also detailed a R1.8 million donation to the ANC’s election campaign in North West.

My Take

Nhlahla Nene was forced to resign over a deal with the PIC his son ultimately didn’t actually get.

What we’re seeing with Bosasa and Andile Ramaphosa is far, far more damning, and the sick thing is, its still not as damning as the alternatives.

David Mabuza, Ramaphosa’s deputy, was revealed by the New York Times to have killed children by misappropriating funds intended to maintain and upgrade school toilets – to buy favours within the ANC.

Gwede Mantashe was so deeply in bed with Bosasa that they installed his home security according to EWN.

Ace Magashule was in bed with the Gupta’s according to News24.

I could go on, and the scary thing is – this isn’t the full picture. What we’ve seen so far is just the obvious stuff, which is the tip of the iceberg.

There is still a lot of ice to be revealed, I mean, working for the Auditor General has become a dangerous profession under the ANC.

Now apparently 6 out of 10 voters are expected to support the ANC in the next elections.

The ANC hasn’t reformed, they even have Jacob Zuma, disgraced over having his business buddies selling posts on his cabinet, campaigning for them.

What will it take for the majority to realise – no this isn’t working? Okay the opposition isn’t perfect, in this next election I still don’t really know who I’m going to vote for, but right now? The ANC just isn’t one of the options.

I don’t know how, for 6 out of 10 people they still are.


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