EFF Gauteng leader calls on members to deny DA right to campaign in townships

Gauteng EFF chairperson Mandisa Mashego has tweeted to followers of the EFF that the DA should not be allowed to campaign door to door in South Africa’s townships.

Section 19 of the South African constitution, states the following:

(1) Every citizen is free to make political choices, which includes the right—
(a) to form a political party;
(b) to participate in the activities of, or recruit members for, a political party; and
(c) to campaign for a political party or cause.

My Take

If you didn’t believe the EFF were fascists before…

Now to start this off, I’m going to come out and say that I’m opposed to boomed suburbs.

The original reason they started popping up was basically because the residents wanted to prevent crime.

As Property24 pointed out in 2012, this didn’t work, in fact some boomed suburbs actually ended up more prone to crime than the surrounding areas.

Basically, the reason for this is that rather than acting as a deterrent to crime, they ended up getting in the way of the police.

By then however they’d become a sort of weird status symbol, and so far as I’m concerned they represent the theft of public property.

The people booming the street don’t own the street, that is owned by the city. If the residents lived in tin shacks we’d accuse them of squatting, but they’re generally a bit richer so we turn a blind eye.

That said the booms weren’t something the DA did – they came into existence under the ANC. That security that’s in place isn’t intended to keep black people out – it is there to be exactly what it says it is, security.

The thing is – legally a boomed suburb cannot deny a political party entrance. The individual home-owners can deny politicians entrance to their homes, but that’s because that is private property.

If say, the DA knocks on your door – you’re free to tell them to go away. You’re not free to stop them knocking on your neighbour’s door – and that is what the EFF is advocating here.

To have a leader in the EFF calling for denying a competing party the right to campaign equally in some areas, and claim this is some sort of tit for tat retaliation, tells us a lot about what political rights we’d have under their rule if it ever came about, and none of it is good news.


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