Mabuza, Mantashe flagged as ‘problematic’ candidates

According to The Citizen the ANC’s integrity commission has flagged 22 of the party’s candidates for parliament as ‘problematic’.

The chiefmost amongst them being – David Mabuza and Gwede Mantashe, with other candidates including Zizi Kodwa, Nomvula Mokonyane, Bathabile Dlamini and Zweli Mkhize.

An ANC insider claimed that Mabuza and Mantashe were being targeted because their political opponents saw them as obstacles to advancement.

Whether this is the case is a little bit suspect.

David Mabuza was the subject of a report by the New York Times, in which he was accused of taking money intended for Mpumalanga schools and using it to buy favours within the party.

This has resulted in children dying due to the dangerous conditions in their school toilets.

Gwede Mantashe has been implicated in state capture, right to the point where Bosasa provided his personal security systems according to News24.

In February The Daily Maverick reported that Jessie Duarte revealed that Zizi Kodwa had been accused of rape, something he claims is part of a ‘dirty tricks’ campaign according to Business LIVE.

News24 also revealed that Kodwa is a close friend to Bosasa’s spin doctor, Papa Leshabane.

Last year City Press ran an expose of how Nomvula Mokonyane ‘destroyed’ the water department, leaving it R4 billion in the red, and the water boards in chaos.

Bathabile Dlamini repeatedly refused to do her job, even when the courts told her to, with regards to Sassa grants. The courts ordered that she be held personally liable for 20% of the court’s costs according to News24.

The court also found that the NPA should ascertain whether she should be charged with perjury.

Finally we’ve got The Citizen reporting on Zweli Mkhize, saying he is alleged to have benefited from kickbacks worth R4.5 million for facilitating deals with the PIC.

My Take

Earlier this week Peter Bruce published an article on Business LIVE calling for people to stand by the principled people of the ANC.

So here’s the excuse I’ve always heard from Cyril Ramaphosa’s apologists regarding corrupt party members: That he has to move very carefully so as not to split the party, and therefore he doesn’t have the freedom to purge the clearly corrupt without risking losing the general elections.

The problem I’ve always had with this is – what makes a principled person principled is that they’re more willing to lose than they are to not do the right thing.

That doesn’t mean one doesn’t compromise, but that your compromises should be based on what you think is best, not made in a self-serving manner.

In other words, if someone comes up with a better idea – it isn’t principled to reject that idea. What is unprincipled is to back someone who you know is very likely a crook or incompetent, because you think they’re prepared to scratch your back if you scratch theirs.

You have to be willing to sacrifice the party for the public, not the public for the party. That is what being principled is about.

To be principled is to take an ideological stance, not necessarily a pragmatic one.

These figures named as problematic in the leaked ethics report – they’re not surprising. They’ve been in the news for all the wrong reasons before, and yet chances are they will remain on the ANC’s list because they’re seen as in some way being valuable to winning the support of one faction or another.

It is not a principled stance that the ANC has taken thus far.


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