Julius Malema willing to discuss coalition with ANC, not DA

According to the Times LIVE EFF leader Julius Malema has stated that the party is willing to discuss a coalition government with the ANC, as it has ‘not been hostile’.

He also accused the DA of ‘biting the hand that feeds them’ due to its election posters which allude to the EFF’s involvement in the looting of VBS bank.

“After insulting us like that, they expect to come and call us to sit and share a government … I don’t think it will work. We are giving the DA power in Tshwane and Johannesburg. They are biting the hand that is feeding them and expect that hand to continue feeding them. It’s unscientific; it won’t work,” Times LIVE quoted Malema as saying.

According to The South African, Malema had stated earlier this month that he wouldn’t form a coalition with the ANC.

“There is a general confusion in Thuma Mina, their land position is confused. We do not want to work with the ANC because they are confused. South Africans must give us the mandate to work alone.”

ENCA reports that former DA leader Tony Leon has warned the DA against entering another coalition with the EFF, stating that this would only be worth doing if there was a firm agreement on terms.

EWN meanwhile reports that former President Thabo Mbeki attended the ANC’s booth at the Rand Show, signing a wall as a pledge to vote for the ruling party.

Malema responded to this by stating that Mbeki wouldn’t save ANC from losing votes to the EFF.

My Take

Biting the hand that feeds them eh?

Malema can certainly dish it out when it comes to insults. He has repeatedly called for Cyril Ramaphosa to be jailed over the Marikana massacre, calling him the  “number one criminal”.

And he is willing to form a coalition with the  “number one criminal” because the DA’s posters pointed out some nasty things about his party’s involvement with VBS.

In Nelson Mandela Bay Julius Malema ordered the EFF to oust the DA mayor it had helped install, not because they’d discovered anything along the lines of incompetence or corruption but because the DA didn’t vote against its core policies in Parliament.

A decision which had nothing to do with Athol Trollip’s performance in Nelson Mandela Bay. Trollip was targeted first, specifically because he is white.

Here is Malema in his own words according to News24: “Hahaha, you are going white man. I’ve got no sympathy for whiteness, it feels so good for a black child to determine the future of the white one.”

When Cyril Ramaphosa visited Nelson Mandela Bay as part of his campaign tour, he remarked on how filthy the city was according to IOL.

Who was biting whose hand here?

In real terms if I was the DA and I had to pick a coalition partner, I would pick the ANC over the EFF.

If I was the ANC I would pick the DA over the EFF.

The reason for this is simple:

The EFF are explicitly a party founded on group rights, The EFF’s land policy is to expropriate without compensation and then redistribute on a racial basis, while also banning the residential rental market. They also have stated that they will partner with traditional leaders.

This is precisely what the ANC was formed to oppose – this is a return to the group areas act and the Bantustan.

Because government gets to assign you your home, it gets to tell you where you can live, because you cannot rent you’ve got to get government’s permission to move.

Further, you will be assigned a house that aligns to your historic tribe. If you are a Xhosa living in KwaZulu Natal, you will have to move – it isn’t KwaXhosa Natal.

Not only that but the EFF also want to nationalise our banks and our mines in order to more rapidly transform the economy – hinting at the reintroduction of the job reservation system.

And this is something that the DA was formed to oppose – because the DA is fundamentally a capitalist party. It wants to reduce government’s role in business, not increase it.

So it really does make more sense for a coalition of the two big parties rather than either trying to partner with the EFF.

And the EFF tend to dig their heels in until they get their way.

Part of why it took so long to unseat Trollip in Nelson Mandela Bay was that all the other coalition partners agreed that they wanted the PA’s Gayton Mckenzie – but the EFF insisted on the UDM’s Mongameli Bobani.

In the end they had to go with the EFF’s pick or Trollip would still be mayor.

With the EFF what you’ve got is a party which uses its swing vote potential to its fullest extent, which isn’t a knock on the EFF exactly, it is just how they operate, but from the point of view of any coalition partner it makes it very difficult to get work done.


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