Eureka and the Kubus scheme?

According to EWN the man behind the whites-only Eureka settlement in the Karoo has defended the project by claiming that white culture and language is in danger of extinction in South Africa.

The founder of the settlement, Adriaan Nieuwoudt believes South African whites to be being pushed out of the country by policies such as black economic empowerment.

According to IOL Nieuwoudt also claimed, “the lives of whites, the survival of their language and culture are seriously threatened”.

“We are being forced from our native country, by acting racist against us and that’s my conclusion (sic). That’s why we’re building Eureka to stop this, we bought a piece of land with my own money, we’re not asking anything from anyone.”

According to the IOL report on how to claim your chunk of land, if you’re white you can send an email, and get a registration number.

But if you want to actually build on that land, you’re going to need to buy shares. You are expected to have at least 5 000 shares before a 1000 square meters will be set aside for your home.

But you’re not there yet – you need to have bought R10 000 worth of shares before you can start laying the foundations.

Once you start building, the settlement also requires 20% of the “profit” the builder makes on your home, and once it is built you will be charged a R300 a month levy.

And there will also be a tariff on fresh water, because this is in a desert and the water and sewage systems are based off of a desalination plant.

Nieuwoudt isn’t the only person to have had this idea. According to IOL one Jaqui Gradwell was pushing Die Eden Projek in the Western Cape in 2016.

This one was even more racist, in that they wouldn’t let you in if you had black friends.

My Take

Whenever I see someone pushing something racist, whatever the identity of the racist may be, I immediately keep an eye on my money because these are dodgy people.

Gradwell has, according to the Weekend Post, at least eight convictions for robbery and theft, as well as links to “notorious pedophile Gert van Rooyen”.

And when I saw the name Adriaan Nieuwoudt, it sounded familiar to me. You see, it is the exact same name as the guy who started the Kubus scheme.

Older South Africans will remember this – it was a scam in the 1980s where people cultured milk for a beauty product that didn’t actually do anything.

Anyway it was eventually declared an illegal lottery.

Okay so what does it take to form a town? Towns need a way for their residents to make money, they need a reason to exist.

It needs something to be mined, or at the very least very fertile ground to be farmed, or to be on a trade route. It needs something that people want to go there for.

Neither of these towns have that, the land around them appears to be desolate, there has been no talk of mineral finds, and one of them even admits up front that the water comes from a desalination plant. They don’t even have good access to fresh water.

They’re far from any urban centers where people could find work, and living there would not look good to any employers anyway.

In other words, if you moved to Eureka or this “Eden” – you’d get to sit there being white and that’s about it.

So what you have here are very iffy real estate deals preying on people’s fears run by people with a history of less than savoury dealings.

And so I return to my hypothesis – racism is generally a warning sign of someone or some deal being deeply dodgy.

Encouraging people towards any form of tribalism is a means of building affinity – which is one of the key ingredients to every fraud. Fraudsters want you to trust them, for not entirely rational reasons.

This is why politicians engaged in corruption will often warn their followers away from the words of the “white media”. This is why when those engaged in state capture funded a London PR firm popularising the term “WMC”.

And this is why back during Apartheid their enemies were “English Media” and various “gevaar” – because politicians are by their nature scammers and if they want you to hate somebody, it is because that somebody knows something that they would rather you didn’t.

And racism is one of many good ways of achieving that. When you see somebody being racist, be on guard because they want you thinking with your tribal heart not your brain.


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